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November 7th, 2008, 6:47 pm

New Beginnings

[color=indigo]Ok, I'm sorry for being a lame as but Punk Complex will be starting over as soon as November is over and you know what, I started some drawing some pages and really upping the quality so they should be awesome as long as I stay on top of them.

Things to look for when start over. I gave the whole story a revamp. Same characters, same scenarios, I'm just telling the whole story in a different way so that you actually get to know what is going on. There is actually going to some BL in the first few chapters so be excited! I'm also going back to pencil drawings, probably with minimal shading because they are faster, more detailed and look way nicer. Plus I was really whoring the tones there for a while.

So please everybody just for me on this because I promise to bring you awesome. I'm also going to try and leave the old pages up and just kinda, separate them from the knew ones with a fancy "skip th
is crap" page.[/color]

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