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» Comics - Sodan - July 12th, 2010, 11:08 pm

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Sho-Shonojo, July 12th, 2010, 11:22 pm

Posting this old picture of Soda is a thousand times more embarrassing than posting that old picture of Putnar. Nice lack of style is horrendous and I much prefer him with his mohawk.

So, this is the first picture I ever drew of Soda which dates back to 2004. His original name was Sotachowa, but since it made him sound like he was of Native American origin (or just that he had some made up name) I decided to change it to Sodan, which sounds much more reasonable. Plus I can still call him Soda (which is of course a reference to Soda Pop from that book the Outsiders.)

Soda was originally created as Putnar's only love interest. He kinda swooped in while Putnar was getting picked on in school. Eventually the two of them ran away together and I don't know where that went.

In the newest rewrite of Punk Complex Soda sings in a band. He's the male vocalist and there is a female vocalist as well. I don't think I had officially decided this until I heard the song Hero by Skillet. Though Soda's voice isn't as ruff.

Soda belongs to a rich family. His mother is in fashion design and is rarely home but still is very concerned with what Soda does with his life. Though she doesn't like that he plays music, she would much rather have a hand in it, than have him play it behind his back.

For this reason, after Putnar and Soda were going to hook up in the comic, Soda's mom would move her and her son to Britain where she could pursue further in her own job and hook Soda's band up with some people she had connections with. It also got Putnar out of the picture, which she was never fond of anyway.

Despite all this Putnar and Soda would stay together until Soda's band released their first album and he made the decision to leave his overbearing mother and return to the states to be with Putnar. Soda shows up at Putnar's high school graduation to surprise him and the rest is history.

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